New Zealand Driving History Checks

Verify traffic history and current licence status

Conduct your own Background Check

Keeing your searches in house can provide you with substantial savings over outsourcing.

Stay up to date

Ensure that you stay up to date and informed with your companies drivers status to ensure compliance for Insurance and risk mitigation.

Official Driving Checks

Driver Licence Check

$1.55 per Driver/per Annum
Delivery: Instant (Registration Required)
Provider: NZ Transport Agency

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Application: Add new drivers online and receive full details of licence. Notifications of status change are sent automatically for one year.

Availability: Yourself or Third Party (Signed Consent)

Details: Online access to drivers licence staus checks. Registration required and fees are applicable for adding names and searches. Once a driver is added you will receive notifications of any changes to the status of the persons licence.

Contact: 06 953 7027

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Demerit Points and Suspension History

Delivery: 5 days
Provider: NZ Transport Agency

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Application: By telephone or mail.

Availability: Yourself or Third Party (Release Required)

Details: A seven year history of all suspensions and demerit points for an individual.

Contact: 0800 822 422

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Traffic Convictions Check

Delivery: Up to 28 days
Provider: Ministry of Justice

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Application: PDF Form download

Availability: Yourself or Third Party (Release Required)

Details: Covers traffic convictions as well as criminal history.

Contact: 04 918 8800

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Purpose of Driver Checks

Awareness of the status of an employees driver licence is vital in fields such as trucking, couriers, chauffers and taxi drivers. Any profession that provides a vehicle to be used by an employee should always ensure they are protected and up to date with all information required for the purpose of insurance and the law.

Historical searches are often utilised during the employment process whilst current status checks and notifications serve a constant purpose during the period of employment.

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