New Zealand Criminal Records Checks

Criminal Record Checks and Police checks are commonly performed when considering a person for a position of trust.

Conduct Your Own gives you direct access to the forms and information needed to conduct your own criminal records search.

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Criminal History Checks are available free of charge at this time in New Zealand. Why pay when you can do it yourself?

Official Police Checks

Criminal Record Check

Delivery: Up to 28 days
Provider: Ministry of Justice NZ

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Application: PDF form download, complete, lodge via mail.

Availability: Yourself or Third Party (Release Required)

Details: Covers criminal and traffic convictions recorded in New Zealand

Contact: 04 918 8800

Additional Info: This document acts as Police Clearance Certificate for the purposes of overseas travel.

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Unofficial Criminal Records Checks

Locate a Prisoner

Delivery: 7 days (est)
Provider: Department of Corrections

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Usage: To determine whether someone is in a New Zealand prison or in which prison they are located.

Availability: Anyone given consent

Details: Information required to conduct a check includes full name and date of birth, your name, reason for enquiry and postal address.


Additional Info: If the person is found to be in prison they must provide their consent for the release of information.

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Offenders Database

Delivery: Instant
Provider: Sensible Sentencing Trust

More Info

Usage: Online database of offender information searchable by date, offence type and more.

Availability: Anyone can search

Details: Database is a volunteer driven effort by members of the public that contains information sourced from court and media documents. Conains information of serious violent offenders as well as sexual offenders.

Contact: 06 835 5521

Additional Info: This database is by no means a complete list of offenders. If you should have information on an offender, listed or not, you may add the details to the database.

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The use of a Criminal History Check

Criminal records have a variety of uses, but they are commonly obtained during a Background Check or when obtaining a Security Clearance. During the hiring process, an employer may choose to conduct a criminal history check so as to protect themselves against potential lawsuits.

In certain professions, such as within the cleaning industry, having all employees and contractors pass a police check is not only a relatively common practice but it is also used as a marketing tool to establish trust and build confidence with prospective clients (ie – all staff are police checked).

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